Community Letter


Dear Community Member,

I am announcing my candidacy for a second term as Humboldt County District Attorney and asking for your support in my re-election effort. I believe I have proven myself to be the right person for the job and I am eager to build on progress made during my first term in office.

The first-term goals I set during the 2014 campaign have been met:

  • The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office has been strengthened by the addition of seven new Deputy District Attorneys (DDAs). This includes the recovery of two frozen DDA positions and one new DDA position, made possible by Measure Z funding.
  • We have increased vertical prosecution – when the same prosecutor, investigator and victim witness advocate remain with the victim throughout a criminal proceeding – particularly in cases involving child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, and sex crimes.
  • We have improved the pace of justice: a backlog of pending police reports has been eliminated and the average “age” of cases dramatically reduced.
  • We are working with law enforcement agencies to improve criminal justice. I have established a weekly liaison meeting with representatives of all the police agencies, the courts, Department of Justice and the Probation Department.
  • I am personally making a large proportion of the charging decisions and weekly trial assignments. This has led to greater consistency and contributed to gains in efficiency.

I am proud of additional accomplishments during my first term, including effective prosecution in high-profile cases such as Ferrer, Warren and Bullock; substantive community outreach; and efforts to address truancy and other community problems that can foster criminal conduct. More generally, our Office has vigorously advocated for public safety and victims in each of the thousands of cases we handled each year.

The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office will continue to face substantial challenges: the need to recruit, train and retain excellent prosecutors; a rapidly evolving legal landscape due to propositions and other changes in the law; and the need to prosecute many serious cases in a timely manner.

I have the experience and dedication to meet these challenges. I particularly look forward to continuing to provide our relatively young team of prosecutors with the professional environment and training they need to continue to rapidly advance their knowledge and skills to the benefit of our County’s public safety. Our ability to represent the People in the criminal justice process is getting better every day.

I’m asking for your support and hope that you will consider contributing to our continued efforts. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Maggie Fleming