Mission and Principles

The mission of the District Attorney’s Office is to vigorously represent the People to improve public safety and maximize justice while respecting individual rights.

  • The professional conduct and effort of employees of the District Attorney’s Office reflects the fact that serving the public of Humboldt County is a privilege.
  • All involved in the criminal justice system are treated with professionalism and respect.
  • Cases are consistently and fairly evaluated; well-organized and complete case files are maintained.
  • Negotiation of cases with defense attorneys is founded on knowledge of the facts, knowledge of the law, and knowledge of sentencing options.
  • Negotiation of cases is conducted to serve justice; negotiated charges will reflect the conduct of the defendant.
  • Open lines of communication with defense attorneys are maintained.
  • Training and mentoring for less-experienced prosecutors is provided.
  • A professional, respectful working environment is maintained.
  • Attorneys focused on following the prosecutor’s duty to seek justice are recruited and retained.